Typical Chemical and
Technical Data:

RCO3 92-96%
CaCO3 89-92%
MgCO3 2%
Loss on ignition 40-42%
SiO2 <6%
Al2O3 <1%
Fe2O3 <0.7%
Mn 300-600ppm
Acid insolubles <6%
pH value in water 8.5-9


for a Cleaner and Healthier World

Limestone is playing an increasingly important role in the lives of people all around the world. The demand for electrical power is rising, as is the need for balanced nutrition, clean air and clean water. And it is limestone from Kalaka Mining that is performing critical functions in the following areas:

  • Acid mine drainage neutralisation
  • Flue gas scrubbing
  • Agricultural limestone
  • Animal feed supplemention.

Kalaka Mining owns and is currently operating one of South Africa’s high-grade calcitic limestone mines, supplying classified, sized product for a cleaner and healthier world.

Stability of Supply

52% black owned Kalaka Mining, founded in 2015, is a continuation of, and an empowerment initiative of, Latilla Mineral Marketing Proprietary Limited (LMM). LMM was founded in 1986 by Dick and Eileen Latilla, who remain directors of Kalaka Mining. They bring to the new operation decades of experience and expertise in the mining, processing and marketing of limestone.

Kalaka’s limestone is currently being mined near Northam, a town in the Waterberg District Municipality in the Limpopo province, approximately 50 km south of Thabazimbi.

Kalaka’s deposit is unusual and unique in that it is calcitic limestone, not the more prevalent dolomitic limestone commonly occurring in South Africa. Kalaka’s calcitic limestone is a remarkably pure form of calcium carbonate, is soft and readily soluable and has the added advantage of containing only 2% magnesium.

As part of it’s growth plans, Kalaka has successfully expanded it’s resource base in close proximity to it’s Kraalhoek mine. These new prospecting areas are a continuation of the existing deposit and will, over time, significantly extend the company’s limestone reserves. Over a period of time, these resources will be upgraded to reserve status, ensuring a life of mine in excess of 80 years.

Mining and Logistics

The Kalaka limestone is surface mined with minimal physical environmental impact and no harm to South Africa’s precious water resources. With it’s in-house mining expertise and experience Kalaka has the capacity and capability to meet clients’ product specifications and tonnages.

Importantly, Kalaka Mining is served by a railway siding only six kilometres from the mine. This gives the company the ability to rail its products in bulk to customers throughout Southern Africa.

In 1990, after two years of exploration and development, LMM started mining calcitic limestone at its Kraalhoek mine in the Mankwe district: North West Province. Since then, the company has mined, crushed, classified, milled and marketed a range of sized limestone products for animal feed supplement, industrial filler, waste neutralisation and agricultural limestone markets.

In the intervening 25 years, LMM has built up an enviable track record in limestone supply and has acquired knowledge and developed industry specific experience, expertise and skills to meet constantly shifting consumer demands in a competitive local market.

In 2017, LMM successfully transferred its new order mining right to a new 52% black owned empowerment vehicle, Kalaka Mining (Pty) Ltd.

Serving its Markets

  • Acid Mine Drainage Remediation

    Much of South Africa’s wealth has been generated by its mining industry. However, many mines are now no longer operational. Ground water, which naturally percolates into disused workings, leaches sulphur present in many ores, particularly gold and coal. In certain areas, the water table may rise to a point where acidic water decants from the mine into surface water courses, creating adverse environmental effects.

    Acid mine drainage can effectivly be neutralised using calcitic limestone.

    Kalaka Mining’s limestone, with its high calcium content, is the ideal solution to the acid mine drainage challenge. As Kalaka Mining’s limestone comprises 90% calcium carbonate, the ‘active ingredient’ in the process, it is, ton-for-ton, the most cost effective solution to acid mine drainage.

  • Flue Gas Scrubbing

    Coal contains significant amounts of sulphur. When coal is burned in power stations, the sulphur is oxidised and discharged into the atmosphere as sulphur dioxide. These emissions combine with rain to produce weak, but environmentally damaging, sulphuric acid precipitation.

    Limestone is the most effective method to remove or ‘scrub’ sulphur from flue gases. It can be used in either wet or dry scrubbing plants to render emissions environmentally benign.

    As the Kalaka resources and reserves are situated close to good rail infrastructure, large volumes of limestone can be railed cost effectively throughout Southern Africa. Kalaka has access to the Middelwit siding and it’s loading area.

  • Animal Feed

    Calcium is an essential element for healthy growth of commercially reared animals. With Kalaka’s soft and soluable amorphic calcitic limestone, full absorption of calcium is achieved. This is not the case with dolomitic limestone.

    Kalaka Mining’s limestone contains no undesirable elements in concentrations which might do harm to animals.

  • Agricultural Limestone

    The application of dolomitic limestone to soil over a prolonged period of time results in the accumulation of undesireable magnesium concentrations. This adversely affects crop yields. The ‘green’ solution, to prevent further magnesium build-up in cultivated lands, is through the application of Kalaka’s calcitic aglime.

'Kalaka' – Setswana for 'lime'

The Kalaka Calcitic Limestone Deposits

The Kalaka calcitic limestone is a massive secondary calcareous deposit mainly composed of calcrete and a small percentage of aragonite, both of which are forms of calcium carbonate (CaCO3).

This deposit overlies the Silverton Group and some Bushveld rocks. The deposit attests to the presence of a paleo lake as the calcrete contains many fossils of organisms and molluscs.

The deposit is made up of nodular limestone and layers of calcareous pavement, all overlaid by a layer of black turf.

Strong Management Team

With their combined and complementary experience, skills and decades of mining and mineral marketing experience, the management team forms a highly effective, integrated and results driven unit to meet customers’ needs.

Eileen Latilla

Marketing and Sales Director

Eileen has been involved in market research, mineral marketing and mining since the early 1980’s.

She has been Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of LMM since its inception. Prior to 1982 Eileen Latilla was employed by Market Research Africa, and has extensive marketing experience. She has been in charge of marketing for LMM since its inception.

As marketing and sales director, Eileen is the interface between Kalaka and its markets, ensuring that its limestone products meet customer specifications.

Richard Latilla

Technical Manager

Dick Latilla has been involved in mineral exploration and mining since the early 1970’s.

Since 1974 he has gained vast experience working for mining companies, amongst others Johannesburg Consolidated Investments, taking charge of all grass roots mineral exploration, prospecting work, acquisitions of new mineral deposits, mineral deposit due diligence work.

As Kalaka’s technical manager Dick will use his extensive expertise in geological exploration, mine planning, mining and mineral processing to ensure that its limestone product meets and exceeds client specifications.

Brian Sibanda


Brian gained his mining industry experience primarily in the coal sector where he has been instrumental in the effective sourcing and marketing of coal for the power generation market.

Brian’s expertise will be applied in finance and accounting, compliance, logistics, sales and marketing, customer liaison and contract management.

Rolf Schindler


Rolf is a registered professional civil engineer and a chartered accountant. He has a master’s degree in mining engineering. Over the past ten years he has gained valuable experience in the coal mining industry. He was instrumental in the development of two green fields mining companies, both of which are still operational.

Rolf’s knowledge will be applied to the mining operations, compliance and corporate governance as well as finance and accounting.

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